Compare your performance with others... and with the world elite!

How? It’s simple: The tour is registered by a GPS device. The GPS track of the route is uploaded after initial registration on the platform.
Now you can compare your time with that of others!
Cycling professionals of the MTB Pro Team Colnage-Südtirol such as Eva Lechner and Natalie Schneitter, but also former bike pro from the Telekom team Udo Bölts, have participated.

1st of May to 31st of October: 6 months - two CUPs!
From the 1st of May to 31st of October you can participate at the unique GPS Cups (mountain-bike: 4 stages and road bike: 2 stages).

4 stages, 35 km, 3,267 m of difference in altitude – excellent trail options:
  • Morter Leger Tour and Holy Hansen Trail
  • St. Martin im Kofel Tour and Monte Sole Trail
  • Annenberg Castle Tour and Tschilli Trail
  • Latscher Alm Tour and 4-gewinnt-13-Trail
GPS-Road Bike CUP
2 stages, 43.43km, 3,074 m of difference in altitude – two classics:
  • Stelvio Pass Race
  • Laces – Martello (Giro Challenge)
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