Val Venosta is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Alps and can be ideally discovered by train or by bicycle. Discover nature and culture in an environmentally friendly and relaxing way. Different special tickets in combination with the bike or culture offers will contribute to your excursion in Val Venosta being a great success.
The train station Coldrano-Martello is well accessible and only 300 m from the BAMBOO Activ Resort.
Right at the train station there is also the bus stop of line 101 (Merano-Silandro-Malles) and line 107 (Martello-Coldrano-Silandro).

A railway not only has an influence on the economy and culture of a land, but also remarkably characterises the landscape. The train stations along the route of the Val Venosta railway date back to the years between 1903 and 1906. The route Bolzano-Merano is even one decade older and is one of the cultural goods of the region. The repair and restoration measures of the train stations in Val Venosta were carried out in a unique manner, in cooperation with the National Monument Authority. The flair of former times has been preserved and combined with modern technology to add value to the entire Val Venosta region.

The renovation works at the various train stations are an important step towards the preservation of cultural goods. The beauty of this ensemble from the turn of the century plays an important role in the landscape of Val Venosta up to this very day.