The culinary offer at the BAMBOO features a light, modern touch with nature orientation. It's very simple!

During dinner at the BAMBOO Restaurant with its show kitchen and buffet, you decide what you want on your plate and in which combination. Different dishes every day are presented and you can enjoy the tasty creations.

Sensation instead of crowded tables with innumerable knifes, forks and glasses. Freedom instead of arranged menus. Notice the sunny lightness of South Tyrol in the air. At the BAMBOO Restaurant you will get to know new dishes every day.

What about beef strips with bamboo sprouts from a Wok pan or an aromatic, fresh gilthead seabream from the grill?
The BAMBOO Restaurant combines traditional South Tyrolean cuisine with those of other regions. Discover the differences between the dishes with their tempting aromas.

Many dishes are freshly prepared in front of your eyes. You choose whatever you like and help yourself at the buffet. Try the extraordinary taste of our cuisine: fresh, low in fat, gently prepared and therefore rich in vitamins – hence, the most important requirements of a healthy nutrition are met.