In Val Venosta, you can experience the long history and many traditions from close up.

Val Venosta offers many natural wonders and monuments of nature and there are also the most castles in the Alps. Here we have summarised some of the highlights for you:

Castel Coira
One of the most imposing and best preserved castles in South Tyrol thrones over Sluderno, Castel Coira.
Today, a residential renaissance castle with arcade court, a romantic chapel, and other rooms with precious furniture and pieces of art from different epochs can be admired.
The world-renowned armoury includes tailor-made, and artistically precious armours of the former castle owners. This is the biggest private collection of armours of this type. Further information on Castel Coira is available at

The spa town of Merano is a popular excursion destination. Some are attracted by the flair of the arbours and the shopping options, others by the Thermal Baths and the Botanic Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle.
Merano is one of the oldest tourism destinations in the Alps. The most important cure guest in the past was Austrian Empress Elisabeth, who resided at Trauttmansdorff Castle. Today, Trauttmansdorff Castle hosts a museum dedicated to the history of tourism in Tyrol.
Plants from all over the world, which can be found on a similar latitude like Merano, grow in the botanic gardens, but also plants, which grow much closer to the equator. The Chinese hemp plant for example, has found a living space in Merano since more than hundred years.
Further information on Trauttmansdorff Castle available on:

The history of Livigno is characterised by many battles, which were due to the trade and the advantageous position of Livigno between the neighbouring regions.
Livigno was never overwhelmed by anyone, and has always fought for its freedom with great pride. The freedom of Livigno was underlined with its recognition as a toll-free zone by Napoleon, which was confirmed by the Austrian-Hungarian empire in 1818, and finally officially declared by the Italian government in 1910.
The special position of this toll-free zone was acknowledged by the EEC in 1960. Today, Livigno is a shopping paradise for bargain-hunters, especially sought after are drugstore products, designer fashion and electronic devices.

Marienberg Convent
Marienberg Convent is a Benedictine convent in a slope valley above Burgusio in Val Venosta. The convent can be seen from afar.
Located at an altitude of 1340 metres, it is the highest Benedictine convent in Europe.
The museum, which was opened in 2007, is located on the ground floor. Visitors get an insight into the everyday life behind the walls of the convent. Some pieces of art from the founding years are shown to the public for the first time ever. The objects provide proof of important incidents during its 900-year long history. The Roman frescos of the crypt in Marienberg can be admired on a big film screen. Opening hours and further information available on

Messner Mountain Museum
With a central museum in Firmiano and five subsidiary museums (Juval, Dolomites, Ortles, Ripa, Plan de Corones), renowned extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner tries to create a unique mountain museum experience. All six museums are connected with each other. Further information available on: