The Activ Resort BAMBOO Hotel in Coldrano, is located at the heart of Val Venosta, between the picturesque Resia Lake and Merano. BAMBOO sounds exotic - and it is: our hotel near Laces in Val Venosta combines alpine traditions with Eastern elements. Mountains meet the beach, South Tyrolean cuisine meets Asian delights, the familiar meets the new. The atmosphere is casual, open, and still comfortable.

Step out of everyday life and step into the BAMBOO Hotel in Laces Val Venosta.
Our Activ Resort BAMBOO Hotel near Laces in Val Venosta offers a combination of being active, WellYes = wellbeing & relaxation and attractive surroundings. Be amazed by the variety of our BAMBOO Hotel in Coldrano!

Your active South Tyrol vacation in Val Venosta
Discover the mountains with exciting trails, visit the valley with many interesting sights, as well as the lively city centres. Our arrangements guarantee for more experiences, so you will think of your holiday in Val Venosta for a long time. Visit the Hotel from inside 360° tour