Val Venosta faces in an east-westerly direction and is therefore extraordinarily sunny and surrounded by high mountain chains: the Ortles Group to the south, the Ötztal Alps to the North, and the Sesvenna Group to the west, which protect the valley from wind and storms.

The glaciated mountain summits, which surround Val Venosta, are characterised by extended glaciers, snowy slopes and alpine lakes, which profit from a yearly amount of precipitation of more than 3000 mm.

In the valley basin between Castelbello and Malles on the other hand, the climate is very dry with a yearly amount of precipitation of 500 mm on average.
In order to distribute this precious element from the alpine streams evenly throughout the valley basin, in the early Middle Ages, irrigation channels were realised at the foot of the mountains in Val Venosta.

At the same time, the “water law” came into force very early and also led to serious disputes in the past. The “official” profession of “Waaler” was established to control the supply of the water amounts day and night, and finally also to control the water rights.
Still today, the irrigation channels serve to provide the valley basin with sufficient amounts of water.

Popular excursion destinations
  • Geschneierer irrigation channel in Sluderno
  • Leitwaal - mountain irrigation channel in Sluderno
  • Mitterwaal in Glorenza
  • Zaalwaal in Corces
  • Latschander irrigation channel in Laces