You might ask yourself “what has BAMBOO got to do with South Tyrol” or “could this be something for me or for us?”. Here you’ll get an insight of our view of this subject, and we hope to awaken your curiosity!

The Hotel BAMBOO is a combination of being active, a wellbeing programme and attractive surroundings.

Lifestyle in the Bamboo means experiencing South Tyrolean hospitality in an exotic ambience, in Coldrano amidst Val Venosta, the “wild” west of South Tyrol. These are the opposites that we at the BAMBOO play with.

Even the Val Venosta Valley itself is full of opposites: North meets South, Monte Sole meets Monte Tramontana, the sweet lower Val Venosta meets the rough Upper Val Venosta.

At the BAMBOO, activity meets WellYes, South Tyrolean cuisine meets Asian influences, bamboo meets metal, and mountains meet the sandy beach.