This is our weekly programme from 21st to 27th august. The programme is adapted to the respective weather conditions.

Enduro Training Easy & Expert
Mon 10 am
Bikepark - improve your bikeskills
Mon 10 am
Freeride Tour with Matze
 2.15 pm
Goldsee - Bimbamtrail
Tue 7.30 am
Propain Enduro Fun Trail
Tue 10.00 am
Panorama tour from Resia Lake to Coldrano
Tue 9.45 am
Schartl with Holy Hanson
Wed 9.00 am
Tibet Ice Freeride Fun at Stelvio
Wed 8.30 am
Zutrail Mix
 9 am
Val Venosta Zugtrail at Monte Tramontana
Thu 9.45 am
Panorama tour from Resia Lake to ColdranoThu 9.45 am
Sundowner Freeride Classics
 9.30 am
Mountain pasture Tarres Enduro Tour
 10 am
Lattemacchiato Tour
Fri 1.30 pm
Holy Hanson
Sat 10 am
Lucky "13" Trailtour
Sun 10 am
Panorama tour from Resia Lake to ColdranoSun 9.45 am

cross country, freeride, roadbike and easybike: Information on the tour programme
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